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In spring of 2015, I re-edited and published the 1911 family history compiled by George W. Callin as the Callin Family History. (The hardcover is available for purchase at that link; it is also available in paperback through that site - and you can search for it in the WorldCat and on Amazon.)

My stated intention is to publish a revised version of that 1911 book, including as many new family members, photos, and personal history stories as I can get permission to include. Since Summer 2015, I've been systematically working through that book and tracing the descendants of James Callin (c.1750-c.1835), posting here on this blog about what I learn along the way. I've been trying to use the "tags" built into Blogger to help readers track down the families that they are interested in, but I'm not sure how helpful that is to someone trying to follow the overall story or find their own relatives in these pages.

So, while I may fall behind on keeping the links here updated, this page should serve as a "table of contents" to the existing blog posts, which are loosely following the outline of a Descendant Report of James "1st" Callin. I hope that if you are a distant cousin and you find your people in these posts that you will contact me and let me know if I've made any mistakes or missed anyone. (I know I have, I just need help fixing the errors!)

Callin Family History: Revised

James "1st" Callin 

- Lafayette On the Brandywine
- A #HamiltonMusical Intermission

Polly: The Perils of Polly (or Margaret)

His sons: James "2nd" and John Callin 

- The Brothers Callin of Ohio
- The Distance of Close Connections

Descendants of James "2nd" Callin:

1. Thomas Callin (1801-c.1843) - Tragic Thomas
   - Update: Tragic Thomas Callin
Son: Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) Callin (1827-1902) - Jeff the Shoemaker
Grandsons: The Sons of the Shoemaker
Granddaughter: Clara Callin Mohn (1855-1924) - Clara and her Soldier
- Jessie Alverda Mohn Hess (1875-1944) - A Garden of Loose Ends: The Hess Descendants
     - Update: Hattie Hess
- The Mohn daughters: The Trauger and Backensto Clans
- The Mohn sons: The Last of the Mohns
- Problematic: Between History and Gossip

2. Alec Callin (c.1808-?) - The Pull of the West
 - Breaking News: New Find-A-Grave photo for Mary Callin in Muscatine

Descendants of John Callin:

- his wife, Elizabeth Simon Callin (c.1780-1864) - Who Was Great Grandma Callin?

I. George Callin: Uncle George and the Underground Railroad
Son: The Short Line of John Callin (1832-1906)
Son: William H. Callin (1834-1919) - The Girl from England
-Richard Richards's Many Richards
-Walter and Anna Callin Williams
-A Visit To the Clark Family
-Putting On the Ritz
- A Tragic Beauty

II. Ann Callin Campbell:
- Meet the Campbells
- Cyrus Campbell: A Family of Respectable Size
- Harrison Campbell: The Campbells Take Missouri
     - Update: Lillie and Nellie Campbell
- Frances Campbell Hoot: A Real Hoot

III. Sarah Callin Scott
- The Rise of the Fergusons
Update: Located in Illinois
1. George Scott
    -  Violetta Scott (Rockford Files - George Scott)
    - Charles Scott (Great Scott: the Difficult Family)
    - Mercy Scott (Have Mercy, Many Johnsons)
    - Alma Scott (Two Younger Siblings)
    - George E. Scott (Two Younger Siblings)
2. James Scott (1832–1916) (Following Tenuous Connections)
3. Sarah E Scott (1836–1854) (Following Tenuous Connections)
4. Rebecca Scott Sharp (1837–1928) (Looking Sharp & Looking Sharp, Part II)
5. Nancy A Scott (b. 1840) (Nancy and Cyrus)
6. Cyrus H Scott (1843–1931) (Nancy and Cyrus)
7. Lucina Scott Dobson (1847-1910) (Focus On a Family)
    - Alva Grant Dobson (1865–1955) (Focus On a Family)
    - Harvey N. Dobson (1866–1905) (Harvey Dobson's Legacy)
    - Fred A. Dobson (1869-1964) (The Riel Deal)
    - Alta M. Dobson Riel (1871–1939) (The Riel Deal)
    - Bert J. Dobson (1875-1911) (Homan Beings)
    - Flora Luella Dobson (1877-1960) (Homan Beings)
    - Jasper Thomas Dobson (1881-1968) (The End of the Line)

IV. Eliza Callin Ferguson
The Rise of the Fergusons

11 Children of Eliza Callin & James Ferguson:
1. Elizabeth Ferguson McNabb: The Mysterious McNabbs
2. Mary Ferguson McNabb: The Mysterious McNabbs
   - George Washington McNabb: The Reubenites, part 1
   - James M  McNabb: The Reubenites, part 1
   - William C McNabb: The Reubenites, part 2
   - John Goldsmith McNabb: The Reubenites, part 3 - Goldsmith
   - Ella (Nancy Ellen) McNabb (Hazard?): The Reubenites, part 4
   - Martha Jane McNabb Sheren: The Reubenites, part 5 - The Twins
   - Marcus Ebenezer McNabb: The Reubenites, part 5 - The Twins
   - Mary Ellen McNabb Menges-Streeter: The Reubenites, part 6 - Finally!
   - Oliver Otis McNabb: The Reubenites, part 6 - Finally!
3. Mildred Ferguson Ettinger: Indiana Ettingers
   - Ettinger Generations
4. George T Ferguson: The Rise of the Fergusons
5. Margaret Jane Ferguson Gallaher: Cardinal Rules
6. James L. Ferguson: The Second James L. Ferguson
7. Nicholas P. Ferguson: The Middle Child: Nick Ferguson
   - The Nick Ferguson Family
8. Sarah Ferguson Myers:
   - Myers Family A - Samuel Ralston
   - Myers Family A - Stubborn Henry
   - Myers Family A - A Two for One Post
9.   Eliza Ferguson Myers: Myers Family B - Welby and Eliza
   - Myers Family B - The Cowans of Missouri
   - Myers Family B - One of the Cool Kids
   - Myers Family B - More Cool Kids
   - Myers Family B - Cooler Than Cool
10. John D. Ferguson - The Rise of the Fergusons
11. Minerva Ferguson Copp - Call a Copp

V. William H. Callin

- Great Great Great Grandpa William Callin

His children:

1. Harriet Callin Sly - On the Sly
   - William James Sly
   - A Sly, Young Girl
   - The Sly Family in California
 2. John Henry Callin - 20th Century Callin Clan
   - A Few Words About the Walkers
   - Byron Herbert Callin: Prof's Progeny
   - John Q. Callin: My Place in the Queue
   - Emma Callin Matcham: You Just Can't Matcham
   - Prentice Callin: Tales of a Prentice
   - Welles Callin: Welles and Ray
   - Ray Callin: Welles and Ray
3. James Monroe Callin - The Three Lives of James Monroe Callin
   - Architects, Tailors, and Wanderers
   - Leaving Only Traces
   - Almira's Daughters
4. George W. Callin - The Callin Family Historian
5. Hugh Callin - A Doctor and a Saddler
6. Zimri Callin - A Doctor and a Saddler

VI. James Callin (1859-1873)

- Stout of Heart

VII. Hugh Callin (1817–1856)

- The Angry Doctor and Other Stories

Stay tuned for announcements about the publication of the Callin Family History revision!

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