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The Trauger and Backensto Clans

If you're just joining the party, I'm spending time each week moving down the Callin family tree. Just to orient yourself, the tree starts with:

Last week we did a rundown of the descendants of Clara and Jacob Mohn's eldest child, Jessie Alverda Hess. I gave a lot of disclaimers about what I'm doing with these posts about more modern cousins last week, so follow that link if you are concerned about the privacy of living descendants (whom I leave out) or any mistakes I make with the facts below (which I want to correct). And if you can help fill in blanks, all the better!

Strictly speaking, the next Mohn child born was Arthur Jefferson (1880), but Mabel was the next to marry, wedding Edwin Henry Trauger in 1902, so I thought it would be fair to cover their descendants next.

The Callin Family History (or "CFH" for short) misspells their surname as "Tranger," and it took me a while (several years, actually) to figure out the mistake. But when we see the couple in the 1910 Census with their first two (of four) children, Clara M (1903) and Henry Mohn Trauger (1908), the transcriber lists Ed's surname as "Franger,"so I'm inclined to be understanding about mistakes - as long as we get to the right answer, eventually!

According to his 1965 obituary, Ed was a descendant of early Ohio settlers. The son of Henry and Melinda Trauger, who arrived in the 1840s from Pennsylvania. He and Mabel lived on a farm on Parcel Road, Plymouth Township, which originally belonged to his uncle, Tobias Trauger, one of the first Richland County settlers.

1. Clara M Trauger was born 13 September 1903 in Plymouth. She married Floyd Earl Steele around 1922, and between 1923 and 1941 they had eight children - 3 sons and 5 daughters. Margaret Steele (1923-1984) married Robert A Kessler (1922-2008), and they had two children. Arlene Lucille Steele (1926-2007) married Floyd "Flip" Harrer (1914-1982), and they had three daughters. Jesse Kay Steele (1935-2012) and Wilbur Lee Steele (1936-1993) left spouses and children still with us, as well as the remaining four siblings. Floyd Steele died in 1966, and Clara in 1972.

2. Henry Mohn Trauger was born 17 February 1908 in Plymouth. Hank married in the early 1930s and he and his wife, Mable, had three daughters, who are still living. They appear in the 1940 Census in Norwalk, Huron county, Ohio, but there is (confusingly enough) a March 1956 marriage record in Orange county, Florida in Hank's name - Henry Mohn Trauger, to eliminate most doubt that it's him - and not much else until his death in Winter Garden in 1974. His widow, Mable, died in 1990 in Orlando.

3. Their younger sister, Margaret Eldene Trauger, was born 3 July 1913, and married Paul Bowman in the 1930s. They had four children, but divorced before 1940. She was later married to a Joseph Armstrong, and in 1974 married Clifford Hunter King, who died in 1994. Eldene died at the age of 99 in Galion, Ohio, 1 November 2012.

4. Baby brother Mac Arden Trauger was born 26 July 1917, and enlisted in the Army in 1941. The Sandusky Register announced the Christmas 1942 visit of Corporal Mac Trauger to his parents before shipping out from Fort Sam Houston that year, and like his brother, he lived out his days in Florida. He was married and had at least one daughter, and he died 15 January 2006 in Orlando.

Ed and Mabel Trauger relocated at some point to Shelby. Mabel died in 1951 in Plymouth, and Ed in 1965 from what his obituary described as a lengthy illness.

Mabel's younger sister, Susan A. Mohn, was born 2 September 1891 - a couple of years after her brother Fred Jacob, but Susie married before either of her brothers, so she's up next!

Susie married Gloyd W. Backensto - an unusual name you might recall from an earlier post - in September 1911, just a few months after the 5 April birth of their son, Lloyd Jacque (or Jack, depending on the record). Now, while I don't want to make a big deal about the order of those events - I am not judging anyone, nor am I intentionally spreading gossip - I will point out that the only source I have for their marriage date is the CFH. If that is wrong, and you happen to have a record, I will happily update this. In any event, Gloyd and Susie had 7 children - 3 boys, 4 girls - and lived their long lives together in Richland county. Susie died in 1970, and Gloyd in 1972.

1. Lloyd Jacque married Ruth A Arnold (nee Baker; 1903-1940) and he died in October 1969 of a heart attack, leaving behind a second wife and at least a daughter (whose name I don't know). His tombstone spells his full name "Layde Jacque".

2. The Backensto family had their second son in May 1912, and named him for Susie's brother and father: Fred Jacob Backensto. He married Pearl May Dillon (1915-2009), and they had three children in the 1940s; two daughters and a son, Gary "Butch" Backensto (1946-2013). Fred and Pearl divorced in 1974, and he died in 1980.

3. Margaret Vione was born 12 November 1913, and I gather from a few subtle clues that she went by her middle name. She married Maurice Baker (1911-2001) in January 1930. Maurice was the younger brother of Jacque's first wife, Ruth. Maurice and Vione had nine children together between 1930 and the late 1950s, 4 boys & 5 girls; all of whom are still with us, to my knowledge. Vione's 2005 obituary says she had "35 grandchildren; 47 great grandchildren and 11 great-great grandchildren."

4. James Robert Backensto, born 13 June 1915, married Lola Reddick (or Riddick; 1914-1996) in 1939. They had three sons, one of whom died as an infant in 1939. James enlisted in the Navy in World War II. He and Lola divorced in 1969, and he died in 1983.

5. Clara Jane Backensto (1917-2006) married Maurice Donald Kissel (1904-1977) in 1934. He was no relation to Maurice Baker, but my personality requires me to remark about that sort of coincidence. They had four children, one of whom was a baby daughter named Judy Marie who only lived for two days in 1942. After Maurice died in 1977, Clara married John Jacob Snyder (1911-2005) in 1982.

6. Virginia Mae Backensto (1919-2015) was married in 1937 to Merle Melvin "Biff" Barnd (1908-2010), and they had three children who are still with us.

7. And the youngest child of Susie and Gloyd is also still with us, so that's about all I can say at this point. Except maybe to wish her long life, and happiness, along with all of the descendants of the Trauger and Backensto clans. I can say that!

Next time, we'll round out the rest of the Mohn children - and then we'll go back to some Callin folk.

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