Thursday, January 8, 2015

Photo Feature: Loren Weddle - Classmate or Cousin?

This, the evidence would indicate, is Loren Weddle in Phoenix, Arizona, 1927.

Loren Weddle, 1927
The question is, who is Loren Weddle? The studio inscription says "Russell, Phoenix" which tells me this me this could be someone that the Huff or Witter folks knew.

I have a few portraits in the box from the same studio, which could mean that these are classmates of some relative who would have been in school in 1927. We'll take a look at all of them next week, but I wanted to single Loren out because he looks suspiciously like the younger man in this portrait:

For some reason, I have two copies of this portrait which are identical to each other - right down to the lack of any identification other than the "Oates" studio inscription in the lower right corner. If it is the same young man, he might be more than just a classmate - but either way, he's a mystery!

As always, if you have any clues, dive into the comments below or drop me a private note.

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