Thursday, January 15, 2015

Photo Feature: Class of 1927

This week's mystery comes to us from Phoenix, Arizona, 1927.  We know this because the portraits are all from the Russell studio in Phoenix, and two of them (Loren Weddle's from last week's post, and Margaret Sobey's below) include the date. 

Albert Long Miller
This one stands out for me, because "Miller" is the only surname that I actually have in my files. My great-aunt Irene was a Miller - but I don't recall hearing about a sister or cousin named "Albert". (Irene was born in 1922, so a cousin would definitely be more likely.)

Margaret Sobey - 27
Gladys Jacobs Sendlewski

This is the kind of puzzle I find both fascinating and frustrating - because it seems like I'm missing just one crucial piece of information needed to figure it all out. Someone cared enough about these pictures to save them, and pass them on to my grandparents.

But, that's why I'm putting all of these "Who the Heck Are They" pictures online, where Google's Image search or a service like Tin Eye Reverse Image search can find them.  Who knows who might be looking for these people for their own family history?

As always, if you have any clues, dive into the comments below or drop me a private note.

Profile of the blogger
as a middle aged man
 If you're following the rest of my posts, you might have noticed that I label them (labels at the bottom) with categories so you can quickly find, say, all of the "Callin" posts that will appear over time.

WTHAT = "Who the Heck Are They?" These are pictures that I have in my physical possession whose subjects are unknown to me. I'm hoping the Internet will recognize them, and maybe someone will let me know who they are.

GBOH = "Great Beards of History!" As a proud beard owner, I love finding examples of stunning facial hair in the family. Yes, sometimes, I will use this to share amazing moustaches, as well.

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