Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photo Feature: Del Trible

In the spirit of "No-Shave November," this week's photo features a fine, extravagant moustache, and a mysterious piece of my family's past.

According to the inked inscription on the back, this is Del Trible of Glendale, Ariz:

However, I have no record of this or any Trible in my family tree. He could be an old friend of the family, a distant cousin, a teacher, or a pastor. I hope someone out there can tell me which!

As always, feel free to comment below or drop a private note to callintad at gmail dot com.

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 If you're following the rest of my posts, you might have noticed that I label them (labels at the bottom) with categories so you can quickly find, say, all of the "Callin" posts that will appear over time.

WTHAT = "Who the Heck Are They?" These are pictures that I have in my physical possession whose subjects are unknown to me. I'm hoping the Internet will recognize them, and maybe someone will let me know who they are.

GBOH = "Great Beards of History!" As a proud beard owner, I love finding examples of stunning facial hair in the family. Yes, somethimes, I will use this to share amazing moustaches, as well.

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