Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Disease Stalks the Land

Many apologies to my fans, family, and followers, but I have been smitten by an old disease - literally forty years old, in my case.

I had chicken pox when I was four years old, and last week, it crawled out of its hiding place in my trigeminal nerve, and made any of the activities I normally engage in completely unbearable. The good news is that it has not infected my optic nerve, and my right eye is clear (except for gross blisters on my eyelids which make it irritating to read or do much of anything involving looking).

I'm feeling a lot better today, thanks to Aciclovir, and I'm taking the week off of work, so as not to pass on any more viruses than necessary. If you saw that my half-finished post on the Myers family went up, I've taken it down again so I can finish it. I hope to get a chance to put the finishing touches together in the next few days.

Meanwhile, while my eyes have been out of commission, I've enjoyed catching up on back episodes of the BackStory American history podcast. I'm going to go listen to this episode, now:

Contagion - Responding to Infectious Disease.

Stay well, and make sure every child you know is vaccinated, because even a mild outbreak of this "minor" disease really, really sucks.

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