Thursday, February 5, 2015

Photo Feature: Facial Recognition

As I continue going through the old photos left behind in my grandparents' possessions, I keep finding things that might be clues - or might not. I don't like to trust my brain's facial recognition software - especially when there is such a diverse group represented in the portraits.

For example, do you remember this lady from few weeks ago?

Unidentified lady and boy
I wasn't sure then whether that boy was or was not the same young man as Loren Weddle, seen in this photo:

Loren Weddle, 1927
I'm still not sure. And now I have these two photos - one of which might be that same lady with her husband:

Possible brother of Albert Huff?
Here is a side-by-side comparison of these two cropped images of her face - maybe you will see something I don't:

I'm pretty certain that's the same lady in both pictures - but if so, what does that tell me? I need to identify someone else, too, and maybe figure out a likely year that these photos were taken.

Same man, but with daughters?
The point is, until I know something concrete, there are a LOT of assumptions being made here. I have compared these photos to photos of my Huff relatives (see Albert and Rosa below), and they are superficially alike.

They are marked (if you can see it in the scans) as being from the Oates studio. There are similar patterns on the border matting, and the backdrops used by the photographer are very similar. (I'm less sure that it's the same backdrop in the first photo of the lady with the boy, but it's possible.)

It seems to me there is a family resemblance between Albert and the other man - I assume he could be one of Albert's brothers.

But I don't know.

Albert Huff and Rosa Edith (Murray) Huff, c. 1907
As always, if you have any clues, dive into the comments below or drop me a private note.

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