Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photo Feature: Places in the Heartland

A change of scenery this week as we take a look at places instead of people. "Where the Heck Are They?" still gets a #WTHAT hashtag, right?

First up, we have two of three photo postcards.

Huff residence, c. 1908 (from lt.: Merle, Rosa, Albert)

Huff residence, c. 1908 (from lt.: Rosa, Merle, Albert)

Both appear to be different views of the same house - the trees are similar in both, you can see the windmill over the roof in both (though the second one is severely over-exposed), and the three people in each picture seem to be the same three people. They're wearing the same clothes, at least.

All three of the postcards are in a sleeve that looks like the one to the right. They have no studio name, no date, no postmarks or stamps (they appear not to have been mailed) and no other identifying marks or dates - with a couple of exceptions.

1. The one which shows the two women seated on the porch has my grandmother's handwriting on the back, identifying the man as my great-great grandfather Albert Huff and the women as Rosa Huff and Merle Huff - my great-great grandmother and their daughter, my great-grandmother, respectively. (See "My Sixteen" for more on them.)

2. The third photo, below, has some lettering in the bottom left corner - "D-81-8" - which could have some meaning.

Mystery house - possibly in Savonburg, KS, c. 1908

I'm guessing at the year on all three; it's likely that the Huffs were having portraits taken of their old homestead before moving to Arizona. They could have also intended to give these to the Huff kids who were moving away from home so they could take "home" with them.

As always, if you have any clues, dive into the comments below or drop me a private note.

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