Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photo Feature: Fostoria, Ohio 1923

This is always a fun game to play at family gatherings - find a group photo and try to figure out who all of the people in it are!

Callin visit to Fostoria, c. 1924

Let's start with what I know - which isn't a lot.

The little boy seated middle-front (not the one in the sailor suit) is almost certainly my Grandpa Bob. He was born in 1920, so this would be him at around 4 years of age.

The boy seated to the right of Bobby looks like his brother, Norman.  John Norman Callin was born in 1912, so he would be about 12 here.

From here on out, I'm wildly guessing.

I think the lady seated behind Norman might be the boys' grandmother, Alice Cramer (1865-1942), and the gentleman in the bow tie next to her could be her husband, George Cramer (1861-1937). I don't really have other pictures of them that I can compare.

But, if that's the side of the family they are visiting, that opens up some possibilities.

The older boy squatting next to the dog, behind the boy in the sailor suit, might be Bob and Norman's cousin, Harry Donald Hale (b. 1904). I think it's unlikely, as he doesn't look like he's 20 in this picture, but it's hard to say for sure when he's not standing.

From there, I'm stabbing in the dark.

What about you? Any Hales or Callin cousins out there with some suggestions?  As always, if you have any clues, dive into the comments below or drop me a private note.

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