Thursday, January 1, 2015

Photo Feature: Baby New Year!

Ring in New Year 2015 with these old baby photos!

While I don't have any clues to help identify the first four, I do know who the happy little guy below is - Edward Lee Fitzsimmons, at age 6 months.

Edward Lee Fitzsimmons, 6 months
Someone thoughtfully penciled that information on the back of his portrait, taken at "C.D. Bancroft Studio Grand; 402 B-Way, Co. Bluffs, IA" - and I have several census records putting his birthday in February 1912, so that would make this photo (quick calculation) more than a century old!

Edward's grandmother was the older sister of my great-great grandmother, Rosa Murray. That makes him my 2nd cousin, twice removed.

Emma Jane Murray was born in Indiana in 1854, and moved to Neosho county, Kansas with her parents, Aaron and Hannah (Bender) Murray, after the Civil War. She married Alonzo Parker in 1872, and their 2nd daughter, Jennie May, was born in 1875. She married Edward E. Fitzsimmons in 1899, and they moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa around 1901, and then 100 miles north to Grant City by 1910.  Their third child, born there 2 years later, was baby Edward Lee!

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