Friday, January 29, 2016

Photo Feature: Callin Family Reunion 1900

1900 Callin family reunion - at the home of William and Ellen (Channing) Callin, Richmond township

Welcome to the family reunion! I hope you brought a magnifying glass and some reference material! (Clicking on the photo ought to expand it to original size, if that helps.)

The photo above came to me from cousin Megan (Ancestry user meganoneill10), and I think we can identify a few of the people in it. The house (as the caption reports) is the home of William and Ellen (Channing) Callin, from the post "The Girl From England."  

The couple in the center - the man seated in the grey suit and the lady to his right (your left) - is almost certainly John H Callin and Amanda Lydia Walker. They are my 2nd-great grandparents, and I wrote about their family last January in "20th Century Callin Clan."

The man two seats to the right of John (your right, John's left) in the black suit--he appears to be William H Callin, owner of the house. I suspect that since these two men are cousins (John's father and William's father were brothers), the people in this picture are probably all people who have been or will be featured in this blog at some point.

Megan also has these photos, which none of us are sharp-eyed or knowledgeable enough to identify.  Take a look, and if you recognize anyone, you should definitely say something!

Happy hunting!

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