Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo Feature: The Graduate

No Dustin Hoffman here, today - but we do have a proud wearer of Cap & Gown to wonder about.

Today's photo was taken at the noted Con. F. Squires studio in Lawrence, Kansas, and is inscribed "Squires '13" - so we're probably looking at someone from the Class of 1913!

As always, if you have any clues to offer, the comments are below, or you can email me at callintad at gmail dot com.

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As you may have noticed from the rest of my posts, I label them (labels at the bottom) with categories so you can quickly find, say, all of the "Callin" posts that will appear over time.

WTHAT = "Who the Heck Are They?" These are pictures that I have in my physical possession whose subjects are unknown to me. I'm hoping the Internet will recognize them, and maybe someone will let me know who they are.

GBOH = "Great Beards of History!" As a proud beard owner, I love finding examples of stunning facial hair in the family. Yes, somethimes, I will use this to share amazing moustaches, as well.

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