Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day Update

So, I took a slightly longer break than I intended... sorry about that. Things have been a bit busy around here lately, what with Baltimore riots and working to finish our construction project.

Some news of the past month:

In addition to taking about 15 paperback copies home to Arizona to share with the family, I sent a donation of the hardcover edition to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential library. That means that it will eventually end up in the World Cat international library catalog.

You can get your own hardcover edition from my page on, or if you prefer paperback, that is also available through Lulu (at that link), or through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and... Saxo. (I'm not familiar with that last one, as it appears to be of Scandinavian origin, but it came up in my Google search, so there you go!)

We already sold two copies through Amazon, so thank you, mystery shopper!  (I think I know who it was, and I owe them a phone call...)

Coming soon - I am hard at work revising the Callin Family History so that we can (hopefully) have a new, updated version published by the end of the year. It promises to make my summer a very busy one. Along the way, I will keep posting updates and previews here, though probably not on the regular, weekly basis that I was trying to maintain before April.

Be safe out there!

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