Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#NameCollecting - It's a Glyde Day

There is another name that pleases me to no end for its uniqueness, and I've had a surprisingly hard time figuring out where it came from.

Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar(1872)
Mårten Eskil Winge
(Wikipedia Art Project)
Elliott Glyde Day (1834-1907) was born in Vermont and died in Ohio; his family was described as "a true pioneer family" as many of that era were. When he was born, Ohio was as far west as most Americans could imagine - it had only been a State for 30 years. I have reason to believe that his family had a very close relationship to my own. Not only did he marry a Mary Ann Callin (born 1838, to James Callin and Susanna Stout), but I suspect that his family took in an orphaned William Callin who was born in 1845 to a different James Callin.

With so many details to build on, one might think it would be easier to prove that hunch. Unfortunately, I haven't found the clues, yet, despite having such a unique name.

I've looked through the Census, of course, and through the database of books available from Heritage Quest through my library. I've dug through Newspapers.com, and Googled extensively... and only found what I already knew. I haven't even managed to prove who Elliott's parents were!

But even if it can't be a clue, at least the Day family gave me an interesting name to collect.  And it gets better - Elliott and Mary Ann named their son "Thor Glyde Day"!

And that is certainly a rare treat!

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